our solution

In our view, intelligent businesses are those that actively participate in developing new and sustainable markets, particularly in developing countries, while making a profit.

We believe South Africa needs unique and relevant business practices that respond to the far-reaching challenges presented by the scale of underdevelopment in large parts of our country.

So we incorporated the concepts of market intelligence, ideas around intelligent businesses and challenges facing developing countries into our own business model to position Infusion as a social enterprise – conscious yet profitable.

In practice, this has particular resonance for our clients in:

  • Providing intimate consumer research with authentic insights by seeing subjects as people – human beings who are part of a quest to ‘have a life’
  • Providing insight into attractive underdeveloped segments in the South African economy
  • Delivering on the business scorecard
  • Helping with the government’s call to business to assist in developing markets
  • Providing employment and development simultaneously