our philosophy

Infusion is a social enterprise – we are driven by a social mission and we trade in goods or services for a social purpose. In contemporary business language, we are fuelled by the triple bottom line – financial, social and environmental performance.

For some social enterprises, profit from the business is used to support related or unrelated social aims. At Infusion, we accomplish part of our social aim through our operations – by employing people from disadvantaged communities including individuals and existing businesses who have difficulty in securing investment from mainstream lenders.

How is a social enterprise different?
Make your cause the brand and your brand the cause


  • Market driven
  • Meeting consumer needs
  • Researches the market
  • Sales, market share, profit
  • Responsive to change
  • Consensual approach

  • Mission driven
  • Appealing for a nees
  • Educates the market
  • Support and achievement
  • Driven by vision and passion
  • Leadership approach